Free Business Tools for Bail Bonds

Nowadays, technology has been an indispensable part of everyone’s life. With technology, all fields in general and bail bond in particular are changed and improved very much. Thanks to technology, the bail bond can be done efficiently and easily.

However, there is no need to pay much money for using modern equipment or software. There are still a lot of free tool for running bail agent you should refer:

Google Apps:

Google offers a lot of applications which are no longer strange to you. They are the calendar, email, chat, docs and so one. You can use these apps for bail bonds without paying any money. With these apps, you are able to do a lot of things such as accessing your email, sending out calendar invitations, and completing your word processing.

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn:

Those social networks are the crucial factors in term of free but effective tools. They allow you to connect with your clients, other professionals, share news easily. Because these three social medias are free, they provide you the

Free Business Tools for Bail Bonds 2

cheapest way to market your business.


Dropbox is a tool that offers you a place to add and store your files. Especially, it is completely compatible with all formats and available in mobile versions

Free Business Tools for Bail Bonds 1

When you have a new file, it is also added to your devices as well.

AVG Antivirus:

With options for the internet, PC, and mobile device protection, AVG provides free comprehensive products comparable to other anti-virus software . It’s crucial to keep your devices and files safe. Not just that,  with AVG you are also protected when clicking a link on the internet. It can help you to scan

whether the link has the virus or not.

Free Business Tools for Bail Bonds 3

Prey Project:

Prey is an innovative tool which protects your devices. It can be installed on your mobile or laptop and remotely activated if your device is stolen. To activate this app, , you can access the internet or send messages. Then it will lock your computer, snap photos, or even report the theft to authorities

Free Business Tools for Bail Bonds 5

Some tools above are quite free for everyone to use if you want to work more effectively, don’t forget to choose these tools.

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