Business services – Keys for better customer care

Customer experience is and will be an indispensable element in every business. Here are some specific things that businesses should start doing to get a good experience right now.

Business services – Keys for better customer care

The inevitability of customer experience

Many previous articles mentioned statistics and forecasts of increased business effort in providing a great customer experience. There is no doubt about the importance of creating a perfect customer service, especially customer care through social networking – where interaction is extremely important for consumers.

However, the way we conduct ourselves and our thinking will make a huge difference in our customer service, which will determine the success of our current and future customer service. A well-executed service that delivers real emotions to the customer surpasses the expectations of the customer will generate huge profits for the business and vice versa. A lot of costs: opportunity cost, cost of losing customers, cost of attracting new customers, …

Trend of customers in the future

Business services – Keys for better customer care 1

Based on the statistics and experience from the consulting practice, deploying customer service to many major partners, experts outline three major customer trends. With these situations, the business will be able to improve customer service as well as customer-oriented culture throughout the enterprise.

Trend 1:Consumers expect quick and effective responses to complaints, questions or problems they face.


  1. What can businesses do?

Manage social networks to create a quick response rate that uses less than social networking management tools.


  1. Implementation:

Introducing the customer policy is the top priority and building a team of people where customer care is the top priority of every employee.


  1. Training:

Enterprises need to help employees understand the mission of a service business unit should bring customers consistent service to meet the requirements of consumers, help them relax when using Use the service of the business


Trend  2: More and more customers shop by phone and browse the web, even while standing in the store.


  1. What can businesses do?

Make it easier for customers to access businesses through mobile devices by using “mobile first” policies and social networking channels, encouraging customers to contact businesses in the most convenient way for them.

Trend 3: Consumers leave a business if problems are not fixed by the business quickly.


  1. What can businesses do?

Recognizing that investing in customer care and customer service solutions will retain existing customers and generate additional revenue for the business. We always know that finding a new customer will cost more than keeping current customers.


  1. Implementation:

A policy where all employees are authorized to solve customer problems and have a cost estimate for each employee to be able to proactively solve a customer problem before Consent must be obtained from the superiors.


  1. Training: Employees need to anticipate both the expectations of their customers and retain them by making the right arrangements with customer care to increase their ability to move forward and build a reputation for the brand.


  1. Implementation: In addition to the business website designed for mobile, spending a budget investment for customer care through social networking is also the business to pay attention to keep up the trend and makeup customer loyalty.


  1. Training: There should be regular work sessions between the customer service department and social network management team to provide customers with a perfect and comfortable experience.


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