Free Google Adwords Support Tools

Google continually offers experimentally changing display ads to increase the appeal of AdWords in the eyes of advertisers. At the same time, the entry of many new businesses will also make AdWords advertising more competitive than ever.

Therefore, to survive and develop, businesses are forced to change to adapt by optimizing their advertising at the best cost. Want to do that, the proficiency of the GOOGLE ADWORDS SUPPORT TOOLS is really necessary.

Here are some free but effective tools that you should know:

1.    Google Tag Manager


Google tag manager is a google application developed to manage the tags created for the website. With a Website (Or a regular Mobile application) there are a lot of source code (code):

  • Google Analytics, Histats (To track Data, Traffic)
  • Remarketing (Google AdWords), Facebook Pixel (For Remarketing)
  • ClickTale, Optimizely, MajeticSEO (For tracking support for A / B Testing, Check Conversation)

Placing too much of this code will make the website load longer and easier to mislead in operation, management. Google Tag Manage can solve that problem; it allows you to update quickly and easily with Tag  Tag is a code generated and embedded in a website that measures traffic, visitor behavior, the true effectiveness of an online advertising campaign, used for remarketing, testing and website development.

Common Tags: Double Click, Google Analytics, Google Adwords Remarketing, Google AdWords Conversions)

The use of Google Tag Manager for GoogleAdWords:

  • Google Tag Manager helps you optimize the operation by just inserting a single code into the Website. All subsequent work is done on your Google Account
  • Instead of editing the site code, Google Tag Manager allows you to update quickly and easily. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and non-Google tags from the user interface. This will reduce the incidence of errors when attaching the code to the Website and help you do not need to log in to administer the tags on your site.

2. Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is an extension of Google Chrome. It allows you to test Google tracking scripts on any webpage.

When a web page is loaded on Google Chrome, the Google Tag Assistant automatically scans the tracking code snippet on the page and returns the corresponding results:

  • Green: The code snippet has been added correctly, and is working fine.
  • Blue: The code snippet is added properly and is working. However, further improvements can be made by making changes to the tool’s suggestions.
  • Yellow: minor bug with adding tracking code. It still works, but there is a possibility of missing data collection.
  • Red: The tracking code snippet was not added correctly, the code did not work.

The uses of Google Tag Assistant for Google AdWords:

–    Checking Google tracking code snippets on the website: Google Analytics, Google AdWords Remarketing, Google Tag Manager, AdWords Conversion Tracking

–    Alerting status of tracking code snippets: Attached properly – Works well, the Wrong mount – Need to edit

–    Giving suggestions other tracking code optimize.

3. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google to evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing activities. This is an effective application for webmasters, and SEOs want to index information about their website.

Key features of Google Analytics:

  • Customize your Dashboard to see what data you need
  • Use Advanced Segments to track specific campaigns
  • View demographic data of traffic sources: age groups, locations, favorite topics …
  • See what customers search on the website
  • Visualize the most popular content
  • Funnel Visualization: Users often leave the shopping cart at any step
  • Track sales of products
  • Monitor user behavior (Multi-Channel Funnels)
  • Create models that compare the level of participation of marketing channels (Model Comparision)

The use of Google Analytics for Adwords

Google Analytics offers people with data about demographic data, traffic, traffic sources, consumer behavior on the website.

Google Analytics can integrate with many other Google products like Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Webmaster Tools … to measure and evaluate the effectiveness.

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