How to choose the right accounting software for business?

Currently, when you want to buy any product, you have to find out what the effect of the product, but finding out the product effects is not based on the introduction of the product from the sellers only. You have to proactively ask specific questions for your needs as well as products and goods you will buy.

How to choose the right accounting software for business 1

By that, you make the right decisions and avoid making mistakes that are not worth it. Just like other products, the choice of accounting software is not out of those goals. In this post, we will help you to choose the right accounting software for your business. Before deciding on the final software, you need to consider the following criteria:

Ease of use

  1. Are input operations optimized?
  • The objects that the business manages are just enough without redundancy or shortage.
  • Are the categories managed both in code and by name?
  • Data can be corrected as soon as the data search or return to the original input screen to correct. When viewing the report found wrong, the data can be corrected at the report screen.
  1. Is there a manual system on the program?
  2. Are the searching, retrieving information and viewing reports is easy and fast?
  3. Too many input screens (hard to remember, have to exit to exit many) or just a single screen (easy to remember, easy to use, little side-action).


How to choose the right accounting software for business 2

  1. Is there any downstream management? That means access statistical information, reports (in the form of aggregated information) quickly as soon as the search for data?
  2. Print reports can be sorted, filtered (according to any field) to help users?
  3. Is there any reverse management? That means when viewing the aggregate report, you can see the detailed data of each item.
  4. Do you have planned management? What is the difference between plan and reality?
  5. Are there comparative reports comparing over time?
  6. Can we provide reports tailored to your specific needs?
  7. Can customers manually change the presentation of the report on demand without the supplier?

High automation

  1. Can customers place some recurring code elements for a computer automatically?
  2. Does it deal with the exchange rate automatically?
  3. Are allocation of production costs, sales costs, and management costs automatically done?

Detail and security

  1. Does the program have detailed management to each factor (according to the characteristics of the business) that managers need to care about? For example details of turnover, profit and loss, debts of each contract, each invoice, each customer, each channel of distribution, each salesman, each region, each type of goods and so on.
  2. Can the program back up the data automatically?
  3. Are mechanisms of decentralization, security detailed in each person with each professional, each report, and each function or not?
  1. Does the program trace the name of the importer, the data editor for each journal, each transaction?

Find out the provider.

1- Number, ratio, and model customers have bought and are using, comments of these customers on the product use.

2- Attend training courses on accounting software before deciding on software selection.

3- Consult the customers who are using the software they are interested in, especially the customers in the same field of activity, industry.

4- Methods, means, and resources to support customers of suppliers such as documents, training systems, online support on the Internet, quality transfer process, warranty mode, maintenance …

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