How To Increase Your Google Ad Impressions On The Internet

Increasing Google ad impressions help to increase the ability to reach customers and directly increases your clicks through rate and final conversion rate for you. So you always need to find the best ways to increase the number of ad impressions as high as possible.

How to increase your Google AdWords impressions on the internet

What Is Google Ad Impressions?

Impressions (IS) are the percentage of impressions that your ad receives compared to the total number of impressions your ad can receive.

Impressions = actual impressions / total eligible impressions

Eligible impressions are estimated by using a variety of factors, including targeting settings, approval status, and quality. Impressions data is available for campaigns, ad groups, product groups (for Shopping campaigns), and keywords.

Impressions are a great way to tell if your ad can reach more people when you raise your bid or budget.Based on how impressions are calculated, I give you ways to increase impressions based on two parameters in the formula.

Adjust Impressions

To increase the number of impressions when the total number of eligible impressions is maintained, we must increase the number of impressions.

1.    Increase your overall campaign budget

A budget is a large number covering the relevant indicators. The bigger the budget, the more likely your ad will show and the percentage of impressions will increase.

2.    Raise ad bids

Google Advertising is the bidding between advertisers, and your higher bid means your ad will be shown more prominently.

Adjust The Number Of Eligible Impressions

Two ways to increase impressions are related to the cost of your campaign; I will outline ways to adjust your qualified impressions:

1.    Decrease regional targeting

Decreasing your regional targeting still helps increase your ad impressions because it reduces your regional goals, reducing the total number of qualified impressions. However, this can be reduced to the actual number of impressions for you.

2.    Adjust your budget when increasing regional targeting

As you raise your regional ad targets, you may see a decrease in impressions. This is because there are more potential impressions available for your ads.

To avoid this, consider re-adjusting your budget to meet the cost of your new campaign settings.

3.    Enhance the quality of your ads

Improving the quality of your ads is enhancing your ad content. Google supports some issues that help you improve the content of your ad.

Also for Google Display Network ads, you can adjust your managed ad placements.

  • If you increase the number of placements, you should increase your budget so that your campaigns are more inclusive.
  • If you reduce your placement to increase ad impressions, you should understand that the size of your dashboard has decreased.

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