Top 3 Free ERP Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Besides powerful software such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Sage, there are still many free ERP software on the market for business options.

Top 3 Free ERP Software for Small and Medium Businesses 1

These types of software are open source software, capable of customization, changing to suit each business characteristics of the business. For the big guys in the ERP software industry, their service is very good, capable of meeting all the needs of the business but the cost is not cheap.

With a small and medium business that can not afford to pay for these costs, choosing free open source ERP software is not a bad choice. Here we will introduce you three free ERP software for small and medium enterprises.

1. IDempiere

In 2015, IDempiere won the Bossie Awards 2015 for best open source software. IDempiere is based on ADempiere, which includes all the features of ERP software: employee information management, product management, inventory management, payroll and many other features.

Top 3 Free ERP Software for Small and Medium Businesses 2

IDempiere is more difficult to set up than other software, but it is also one of the leading open source software.

2. Odoo

Top 3 Free ERP Software for Small and Medium Businesses 3

It is the open source ERP system with over 30 applications and hundreds of features integrated with CRM, e-commerce and many other features that you can run on your own servers.

– All features needed in business.

– Track sales plans

– Custom reports and analysis

– Integration with Google Services

Odoo is free if you have your own server and are available as a hosting service from Odoo at the cost of $ 15 per user per month (free for the first two users).

3. WebERP

WebERP is an open source system for small and medium businesses, which is hosted entirely online. It can be accessed from any device with a browser and a PDF reader. The software is installed on a web server, either owned and managed by the company or provided by a third party.

Some commentators have stated that the simple nature of webERP leads to some limitations in functionality. WebERP is specifically designed for businesses that are easy to customize, edit and use.

Weberp has familiar features such as: Orders, quotes, decentralization, sales analysis.

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