Virtual Private Servers – The optimized service for business

The advent of virtualization has brought many benefits to businesses, and VPS is a product of virtualization technology that divides from a physical server into multiple virtual servers with different configurations. It is known as an indispensable tool for business nowadays.

Virtual Private Servers - The optimized service for business 1

VPS hiring services for small and medium enterprises which need to have a remote server that can be managed remotely, can be installed on demand without restriction, can build the web server, email, backup data or to transfer data files between branches easily, quickly, secure. So hiring a VPS is the best solution for the enterprise.


Virtual Server Hosting – saving solutions for individuals and businesses

–  VPS is often chosen by small and medium enterprises and individuals because of the need to use the configuration just enough, low cost.

– The investment cost for private servers is very high compared to small and medium enterprises as well as it is indispensable to use the server into the system such as Server web, mail server, Server printer, Server game and so on.

Using Virtual Server – VPS brings many benefits:

– Low cost: You will be equipped with a server connected to high-speed Internet.

– It operates as a separate server with the highest level of administration and security.

Virtual Private Servers - The optimized service for business 2

– Can re-install the operating system from 5-10 minutes (needed during an emergency to minimize the system time of system failures, faults, overloads or network attacks).

– Support during the trial time: 24/7

– Uptime: 99.9%.

– Each VPS is a separate system because it has full root access, private operating system. In addition, VPS can restart the system at any time. Therefore, it is 100% less likely to be hacked.

–    Virtual Private Server is similar to hosting and dedicated server regarding cost and how to operate. So hiring VPS is suitable for individuals or businesses who want a separate server system, the full management right at a low cost.

– Saving huge investment costs of buying server servers initially.

Besides setting up Web Server, Mail Server as well as other applications on VPS, users can install to meet their own needs such as Web access by the Web browser, download/upload with speed high…

– Works completely as a separate server but save a lot of money compared to renting a separate server.

– Easily upgrade RAM, HDD, and bandwidth when needed.

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